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The Rose – Flower Of Love, Flower Of Art, Flower Of Eternity

The Rose – Flower Of Love, Flower Of Art, Flower Of Eternity

ISBN: 978-975-08-3087-7

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Sayfa Sayısı: 376
Boyut: 24 x 34 cm

“The Rose – Flower Of Love, Flower Of Art, Flower Of Eternity”

The rose is known and loved by the entire world… Smelled by sovereigns, this flower is the symbol of love, of belief and of beauty. It is the richest inspiration for all arts, the sultan of gardens and poetry and the eternal yearning of the nightingale. From the beginning of civilization the rose has adorned the lives of man. For thousands of years countless cultures have turned to the rose as a way of expression, they have held on to it, interpreted it, and enjoyed its beauty while enduring its thorns.

Süleyman the Magnificent wrote poetry using the pseudonym Muhibbî and understanding the value of this special flower he placed it on the emerald throne of the meadow.

“The rose sits on the emerald throne and becomes a sultan
It gathers all the sweet basil to commence the council”

Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar said of the rose, “The dream of eternity fitted into a moment.”

This book is written to provide a stroll into the imaginary and actual rose garden of humanity and enable the gathering of a most colourful bunch. Those who turn the pages will relish the rosy world of nature and roses, the history of the rose, the name of the rose and the smell and taste of roses; the rose in art and rosy pictures, rosy tiles and rosy fabrics, rosy carpets, rosy stones and rosy woods, rosy jewellery and rosy glass, the rose in poetry and the rose in music, wearing the rose and the rose gardens of our lives.

With this book the writer of the TULIP book, Gül İrepoğlu has taken a new look at the ROSE and embraced it.

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