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A Taste Of Sun & Fire – Gaziantep Cookery

A Taste Of Sun & Fire – Gaziantep Cookery

ISBN: 978-975-08-3214-7

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Sayfa Sayısı: 284
Boyut: 22 x 25 cm

“A Taste Of Sun & Fire – Gaziantep Cookery”

“Gaziantep cuisine, both delicate and famously hot and spicy, is the richest and most varied in Turkey, combining as it does the rustic foods of the Anatolian heartland, dishes developed in the Ottoman courts in Istanbul, and legacies from the Arab and Mediterranean worlds. It really is extraordinary and needs to be discovered. You will be amazed, inspired and delighted by the dishes.”

CLAUDIA RODEN Cultural anthropologist and expert of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Jewish cuisines; author of A Book of Middle Eastern Food and Arabesque – Sumptuous Food from Morocco, Turkey & Lebanon.

“When I think of Gaziantep, I see two colors: red, because of its famous red peppers, but above all green, because Gaziantep is Turkey’s pistachio capital. And because of that, for me and for many others, it is the world capital of baklava, that crowning glory of Turkey’s rich cuisine.”

CHARLES PERRY Culinary historian, authority on Medieval Arab Cookery, translator of Al Baghdadi’s 13th-century cookbook A Baghdad Cookery Book.
“This brilliant book and its editor, Aylin Öney Tan, introduced me to the incredible variety of Gaziantep food – its kebabs, its delicate vegetable dishes, and its fragrant pistachios and baklava. Every time I try a recipe from ‘Gaziantep Cookery’ it is seasoned with the kindness, generosity and expertise of its editor and the other wonderful friends I met in Gaziantep.”

NICK MALGIERI Founder of Baking Programs, ICE (Institute of Culinary Education)-NYC; author of Pastry Perfection and How to Bake.
“This book is an instant classic and our favourite book on Turkish food. Turkish home cooking is in our opinion the best in the world.”

SAM & SAM CLARK Chef-owners of Moro, London; authors of Moro, Morito & Moro East.

“A Taste Of Sun & Fire – Gaziantep Cookery”


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